India’s 2nd tallest National Flag mast at the location
where sky is not the limit

Telibandha Talab

The Indian Tricolor stands high on the Nation's 2nd largest mast at Raipur.
The gigantic 82 metres tall Flag was unfurled by Chhattisagrh's Hon. CM Dr. Raman Singh in the year 2016.

Inspiring all to “Arise, Awake,
and Stop not till the goal is reached”.

Statue of Vivekananda at Budha Talab.

Budha Talab, located at the heart of the Raipur city is one the most iconic landmarks of the city.
With the addition of stunning fountains, small pedal boats and of course,
the statue of Swami Vivekananda creates an alluring view for the people to witness.

The radiant BSUP Buildings facilitated by
the most appealing lane of the City.

BSUP Buildings

Built at the Shore of Telibandha Lake, BSUP buildings provide accommodations for economically
weaker section of the City. Benches, jogging track, Chowpatty, graffiti
and the reflection of colorful BSUP buildings on the lake create a captivating image.

The symbol of “Make in India” portraying endless
investment opportunities in the State

Make in India Square

The incredibly built logo of “Make in India” flaunts the endless investment
opportunities in the Capital City Raipur. With the availability of all essentials for
an establishment of industries, Raipur is becoming a hub of IT, textiles and steel industries.

The white colored building in the heart of the city

Raipur Municipal Corporation Headquarters

RMC Headquarters, popularly known as ‘Nagar Nigam Whitehouse’ because of
its marvelous design and white color, with the #MorRaipur logo,
“a symbol of Pride and Belongingness for Raipurians”.


Making Raipur the 1st smart city of India, transforming it into a clean & green city, where there will be toilet, gardens, pure drinking water for all & availability of all necessary public amenities is possible with collective efforts of all citizens.

Dr. Raman Singh
C.M. Chhattisgarh

Give your suggestion to make Smart City Raipur better

Focus Of The Month

Cities are urbanizing, so the expectation of its dwellers are escalating with its modernization. The main motto of Smart City Summit is to make the government departments understand what Smart City project is & how can we achieve it through different initiatives. In the summit Hon’ble Minister of Urban Development M.Venkaiah Naidu will talk intensely about the path taken by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards modernizing different cities of India & how to achieve it by recommending smart solutions. Even he will focus on crucial points on how Raipur can be developed into a modal Smart City & what can be done to urbanize all the places of Raipur.

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About Chhattisgarh

"Chhattisgarh, the 10th largest State of the Nation is the pride of Central India. Bestowed with nature's wonders and deep luxurious forest, this State is elegant and exquisite.With its renowned tribal heritage, the colorful mysterious and prominent ancient inhabitants of this State, endows it with a unique character."

About Raipur

This City is a paragon of the sagacious astuteness of the great Mauriyan Empire. With its history going way back to the 9th century, it has been ruled by Dakshina Kosala Kings, Sharabhapuriya Kings, Nala Kings, Kalachuri dynasty kings, King Ramchandra and Bhosle Kings...