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About Raipur Smart City

 21st century is the era of urbanization. With around 75% of populace staying in the cities, have developed a great deal of thoughts on improving urban areas to live in. In the queue, the following intriguing issue is the idea of Smart City. A city giving top notch life to its occupants, by incorporating economic, social and environmental sustainability.

For making the above Possible, there must be congruity on the urban organization setups and all the parts of the system must get together as a noteworthy part of a group, each having their impact, to make, execute, and deal with a consolidated plan of measures.

In a quest to develop Raipur as a “Smart City” Chhattisgarh government is striving to keep all the parts integrated and working. The Chhattisgarh Government has planned a citizen-centric and citizen-derived smart city. In the endeavor, in making Raipur a smart city RMC has come up various schemes with equal participation from citizens running out parallelly.

 In an expedition, to craft Raipur as a “Smart City” Chhattisgarh government is endeavoring to keep every part coordinated and working. The Chhattisgarh Government has planned strategies a citizen-driven and citizen- derived Smart city. In the attempt, in making Raipur a smart city RMC has come up different plans with equivalent support from Raipururians running out parallelly .

 “You don’t manufacture your rooftop until you’ve wrapped up the dividers. What’s more, you don’t construct dividers, until you’ve wrapped up the establishment of your home. Enormous realms are built with small steps, that is – each one in turn”. Working on this Concept, RMC is chipping up its development, following the model of (Area Based Development) ABD.

 Area Based Development approach concentrates on building up an entire city by concentrating on one specific region at any given moment. This technique goes for choosing one specific range from the city, revamping it, and making it prepared to collaborate with the Smart City’s arrangement for the advancement of the city.

 The idea of Area Based Development concentrates on the sustainable development of the city where each zone of the city is similarly contributing in the improvement of the city. It is a zone particular, participatory, coordinated and comprehensive arrangement to build up the entire city. In this approach, a small area of the city will be chosen for the development. Once the advancement is finished of the focused on region, some other zone will be chosen. Taking after this idea, each region of the city will be picked. Furthermore, one by one, the entire city will be developed into a Smart City.

 Providing technological advancement, to cutting edge innovation and every vital support of the Citizens, Raipur has changed for the positive over the most recent  years while clearing a solid path for



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