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About Badhiya raipur

Badhiya Raipur

The progress of a city can be assumed through its growing infrastructure. The better the pace of developing infrastructures, the more it will portray its growing economy that strengthening the life of its inhabitant. Badhiya Raipur is a campaign that initiated with an intend to develop the city’s infrastructure to aid the citizens to take the avail of it & experience a high standard of living in the transforming city which they are a part of it. From Oxy-reading zone to maze & smart cycle track, all are a part of this crusade that will improve the overall infrastructure of the city that has been dreamed of by Raipur Smart City Limited.

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Anand Samaj Library

Read more +25 August 2017 By SmartCity in Badhiya Raipur

Oxy-reading Zone