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Compassionate Raipur

Under the Smart Cities Mission, Compassionate Raipur was launched by RSCL to aid the poor & under privileged people of Raipur. A city can never truly progress if it still has people who can’t meet their basic needs. To help the poor, RSCL took various initiatives, like Sevartham, Sangwari, Slums Improvement etc. For involving the Raipurians in this campaign, an appeal was made to the residents to help the poor, so that they can prosper with the city. Donating clothes, skill up-gradation work, improving the conditions of slums etc. became a talk of the town among the people. 



This public welfare campaign was launched by the Nagar Nigam to help the woman who...[…]


Started in the month of October by Nagar Nigam, in the leadership of Mayor Promod...[…]

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