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Digital Raipur

With the motto to make Raipur a cashless city, RSCL had launched Digital Raipur crusade which received tremendous response by the RaipuriansRSCL has taken several steps in the direction of Central Government’s Cashless Economy, and the results can now be seen. Within 8 weeks since its launch, most of the markets in the city became cashless. Demonetization, introduced on 8th November 2016 brought down the flow of cash in all over India. To solve this issue, the government encouraged the Indians to adopt digital modes while making payments. And Raipur could see only good results since. RMC, State Government and the citizens, everyone gave their full support to the #Cashless drive, proposed by the Central Government. To promote this campaign on a bigger scale, CM Dr. Raman Singh visited Ravi Bhavan and Gol Bazaar, made purchases and paid through a debit card. This became a national news and gave a huge boost to the public to use cashless modes while making purchases/ To educate people in making Cashless Purchases, Nagar Nigam appointed more than 10,000 digital ambassadors.

The duty of these ambassadors was to educate everyone in making purchases through debit/credit cards and Paytm, tell me about its safety and simplicity. Most of the markets have become cashless, and others are on its way. Now, people have realized how easy it is to pay through digital means. City buses have become cashless, so they no longer face the problem of shortage of change. Property taxes, electricity bills, and all other payments made to the government can be paid online now. So, no more standing in the long queues! Because of these hassle free solutions provided by cashless initiative, people are adopting these cashless means, giving this campaign a tremendous support.



Cashless Raipur

This campaign was launched by RMC to make Raipur a Cashless city. Raipur Nagar Nigam has taken several steps in the direction of Central Government’s...[..]