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About Encroachment


A lot of vendors and hawkers come to the streets with their stalls and jam the road. To make it worse, the customers of these hawkers also park their vehicle at the side of the roads. This creates transportation problems for the commuters as the roads are narrowed by these food stalls. There are some houses as well, which are illegally built on the roads made for public. To solve this issue, Nagar Nigam started removing this illegal occupancy of roads. Station Road, Malviya Road, Shashtri Market, Nehru Nagar area etc were the first places where this process started. This widens the road, and helps in creating more space for commuting. And it does not end to this. The encroachment in Shahid Smarak Parisar was removed, and Nigam proposed a Night Chaupati, the first one of the state of Chhattisgarh. This initiative is difficult to work on, but Nigam is fulfilling its duty effectively for the welfare of public.