About hariyar raipur

Hariyar Raipur

Hariyar, as the name suggests, is a campaign launched by RMC to improve the greenery of Raipur. “Trees are essential for life”, “Trees are our best friends”, we have written essays on these topics in our elementary and middle school, but as we grow up, get busier, we forget our duty towards these trees. And this campaign reminded people of their moral obligation towards these green living things who keep our environment healthy. Nagar Nigam organized plantation campaigns in schools and colleges to encourage environment conservation awareness amongst the Raipur citizens. Plantation was done in various schools and colleges to support this Hariyar. All big and influential organizations were asked to promote greenery in their workplace. A heartfelt support was given by every big organization, as they planted trees in their premises, and spread the message of greenery in their work sites. Nothing enhances the beauty of a city more than trees do. So, the plantation process has been started in all over Raipur. In and around the city, trees are being planted, with the motive of making Raipur a green, beautiful city.



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