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About ODF


RMC started this initiative to stop people from defecating in open public places. RMC ran campaigns in many areas of Raipur to make this city clean and open defecation free. Under this campaign, people who defecate in open were explained the importance of hygiene and cleanliness of the city. They were asked to offer their support in this Clean India Campaign by building toilets in their houses. While explaining to them about the importance of sanitation, they were also provided the information about the help being offered to them by the Nigam in building toilets. Nagar Nigam officials and employees made a plan and visited those specific areas of Raipur where the most number of cases of Open Defecation arises. Through which, people who were going for open defecation in the early morning were stopped. Many people were stopped from defecating in open and were explained the role Community Toilets plays in keeping the city clean. They were asked to build toilets at home instead of going out for defecation. They were told that if they are caught defecating in open again, actions will be taken against them and a penalty will be imposed. To make Raipur Open defecation free, Nagar Nigam has been inspecting all the areas of Raipur and consistently appealing to everyone to build toilets at home.