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About rising raipur

Rising Raipur

This campaign was launched by RSCL for the overall growth of the citizens of Raipur. Be in the terms of fitness, be it in the terms of social awareness, be it in the terms of ethics and behavior, or their responsibilities towards the city, Rising Raipur emphasizes on the rise of the Raipurians as better citizens. RSCL has initiated various events under #RisingRaipur which has received great participation of the citizens of Raipur. This is essentially the youth’s campaign, but it has been attracting people from all ages. Fitness plays a significant role in an individual’s success. And RSCL is doing its best to ensure that the maximum number of people are getting healthy habits.

Sehatmandi is the most popular event organized under Rising Raipur. Every Sunday at 6 am, the transport at Marine Drive, Telibandha is blocked. People come forward in crowds of thousands to participate in Sehatmandi. Various entertainment cum fitness activities are organized such as – Zumba Dance, Cycling, Aerobics, etc.The other fitness activities include Yoga, Karate, Skipping Ropes, Badminton, Gym, Football, etc. Another popular plan under Rising Raipur is the Open Gym Facility. Mayor Promod Dubey, along with RSCL officials has proposed this plan to enrich the fitness level amongst the Raipurians. These gyms will be installed in all popular locations of Raipur. This will help people of Raipur to improve their health and fitness by availing these free open gyms.


smart city summit day 3

Date: 26/05/17

smart city summit day 2

Date: 25/05/17

smart city summit day 1

Date: 24/05/17

Matargasti 7th week

Date: 29/01/17

Matargasti 6th week

Date: 15/01/17

Matargasti 5th week

Date: 08/01/17



The main objective of #RisingRaipur is to remind people about their fitness through various activities like sports, games and other entertainment events. And, develop their minds