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About Safai Mitra

Safai Mitra

Safai Mitra was launched by the RMC to remind the citizens about the value of the people who are responsible for the cleanliness of the city. RMC invited more than 1500 Safai Mitra to Marine Drive. All 9 Safai Ambassadors were invited to the same location. In the presence of Nigam Commissioner Shri Rajat Bansal and Mayor Promod Dubey ji, caps and wrist watches were distributed to these Safai Mitras. No city survives without these help of these unsung heroes, and they were honored for their work. To involve every citizen into honoring these Safai Mitras, another campaign was started on the social media – #SelfieWithSafaiMitra. People were asked to take a selfie with the Safai Mitra, and post it on the social media, a campaign which made people interact people with the Safai Mitra and thank them for their work.