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This public welfare campaign was launched by the Nagar Nigam to help the woman who live in slums and could not find jobs to make a proper living. This was a skill-up gradation campaign, initiated to refine the skills of these housemaids. Training of various jobs like cooking, housekeeping was provided to these Sangwaris in top hotels of Raipur like Hotel Babylon Inn, Babylon International, Taj, VW Canyon, Imperia etc. Along with this free training, these women were provided a stipend of Rs.1000 to boost up their motivation. Between the course of the training, Nagar Nigam arranged a movie show for the Sangwaris. Dangal, a beautiful movie about a journey of two young female wrestlers, who were rejected by the society for being a girl, conquered the world and made a name for the country, was shown to these Sangaris to remind that nothing is impossible. Drastic changes could be witnessed amongst these Sangwaris within few days of training. Basic English words were taught to them to enhance their confidence while interacting with other people. They have been trained to use modern devices like microwave, grinder, blender, kitchen chimney, etc. so that they don’t fall behind in the technological world.