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About Sevartham


Started in the month of October by Nagar Nigam, in the leadership of Mayor Promod Dubeyji and Nigam Commissioner Shri Rajat Bansal, this is a campaign aimed at helping the poor people of Raipur. Derived from the Hindi word “Seva” which means service, this campaign was launched to provide service to the poor people. it initially started with requesting people to donate their blankets, bed sheets and warm clothes. Once this campaign gained media attention, more and more people started coming forward with their clothes, blankets, bed sheets, and other used items. Many giveaway events were held by the Nagar Nigam, and the things collected at these giveaways were distributed to different places of Raipur. On 10th December, clothes were distributed in Kalibadi Basti and Kukurbeda basti. The smiles of those young kids after receiving those clothes became a scene to witness. Many people visited the Nagar Nigam White House office, and donated their old clothes for the welfare of people. Some people donated clothes directly to the homeless and shared their views about this campaign on the social media. Everyone in Raipur is proud of this campaign, as there is no better gift that the feeling of helping someone in need.