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About shining raipur

Shining Raipur

This campaign was started by RMC to ensure the cleanliness and elegance of the state capital, Raipur. Shining, as the name suggests, was launched to making Raipur shine. With the speed Raipur is getting smarter every day, it has everyone’s eyes on it. And a city’s cleanliness is one of the first things a person notices. To make the best first impression, RMC has been working hard to spread the awareness of cleanliness amongst the Raipur citizens. #ShiningRaipur, an umbrella campaign was started to make Raipur clean. Soon after its start, it became the talk of the town. Various campaigns were launched under Shining Raipur, which had a great reception and participation from the citizens of Raipur.

#ToiletMyRight is the first name which strikes up everyone’s mind whenever Shining Raipur is mentioned. This campaign focused on getting toilets built in every restaurant, shopping complex, office and other commercial building. Every commercial building was directed to built toilets, and they were warned beforehand that failing to do so would result in actions being taken against them. Any citizen could complain directly to the RMC authorities by just tweeting under the #ToiletMyRight, mentioning the name and address of the Commercial building/restaurant. Actions were taken by the RMC against those buildings within 48 hours. #LaparwahMitra was another campaign started by the RMC, which exposed any commercial, medical or any other establishment which irresponsibly disposed of waste. Laparwah Mitra campaign was launched to give a wake-up call for them to maintain the proper disposing methods.

#ODFRaipur was run to eliminate open defecation in the Raipur City. Penalties are being imposed on those people who are caught defecating in the open places in any part of the city. This campaign has been so effective that Raipur is progressing aggressively in becoming an ODF free city. Soon enough! #SafaiMitra campaign was launched by RMC to make people acknowledge the work of the safaiwalas who strive hard to make the city clean. People were requested to help these Safaiwalas and click a selfie with them, and share it under #SelfieWithSafaiMitra on the social media.

#CleanRaipur is another campaign under the same theme- maintaining the cleanliness of the Raipur city. Dustbins are installed in various places of Raipur, and more dustbins are on its way to offer their services in the Raipur City. An awareness campaign was run through the social media channels, requesting Raipur citizens to keep their city clean. School and College children have been the most supporting citizens in this campaign, and they’re setting an example for everyone to support this campaign. And the efforts of RMC to make Raipur beautiful doesn’t just end in maintaining its cleanliness. Beautification process of Raipur is running splendidly. Many volunteers have come forward to support this campaign, and have been offering their support in wall paintings. Ponds are being decorated as newly wedded brides, lightings are being installed wherever the place demands it. The way RMC is striving to make Raipur clean and beautiful city, it is only a matter of months before Raipur gets into the top ten of Swachhta Survekshan list.


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