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About ToiletmyRight


The motive of this campaign was to stop people from urinating in public places. It is observed that, for most of the people, this is the last resort, as they fail in finding nearby toilets. Some restaurants and mall owners ask their customers to go find a toilet somewhere outside. The customers become helpless and have to make a settlement they don’t want to. After this observation, RMC decided to make it mandatory for all public/commercial buildings, restaurants, shopping complexes to have toilets installed in their building. So, a message was spread through the social media and other communication channels that every commercial building, whether it is a restaurant, office, or a shopping complex, has to have a toilet installed on their campus. If a customer, is denied the toilet facility or been asked to find it outside or cleanliness standards were not maintained in the toilets, could complain directly to the Nagar Nigam authorities by using #ToiletMyRight on Twitter or Facebook, mentioning the name and address of the restaurant/office/commercial building. Nagar Nigam took actions against these restaurants/commercial buildings within 48 hours. Many complaints were received under this campaign and were resolved by Raipur Municipal Corporation. Witnessing this quick and effective work from the Nagar Nigam, #ToiletMyRight emerged as one of the most successful cleanliness awareness campaigns. Now a toilet has been made in almost all restaurant, shopping complexes etc. And if there is any commercial building who has still not installed toilets, they’re just a complaint away.